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Who are we?

Agricultural Contractors of Tasmania Inc. (ACTI) is a significant force in the States rural sector.
Its heritage includes the Steam Threshers Men’s Association that formed in the late 19th century, which probably represented the first time the rural contractors united.

By the 1970’s the increasing complexity of modern agriculture demanded a new collective approach. The Mersey Valley Farming Contractors Association was formed in 1973, followed by
its northern and southern counterparts. These three Associations agreed to link and form a Statewide body. By Broadening the base of contract work from the traditional haymaking and cereal harvesting, to include cultivation, sowing, spraying and many other specialised operations, the Association has grown into the dynamic organisation it is today.

Its aims and objectives include: to work with the agricultural industry, to set standards
of ethics and workmanship and to show responsibility and consideration contractors
have toward the farming sector.

What's in the book?




About the handbook

Our mission is “To provide a service to enhance and stimulate opportunities for farmers
and contractors, which promotes productivity, viability and long term sustainability and best practice”. The Association produces a durable, pocket sized Handbook every year that supports this Mission. It is disseminated throughout the State and provides vital information to farmers, contractors and members of the wider Tasmanian community.


Contact details for all Association members and the various contractual services they provide.

Member responsibilities, minimal standards and Codes of Practice.

Advertising - Access to a comprehensive list of rural/agricultural businesses.

Suggested price structure for contracting services as well as possible
variables impacting on the suggested rate.

Information on the R. W. (Bert) Campbell Memorial Scholarship and past recipients.

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